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Help us equip ORCA's new Center for Citizen Science

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Help us equip our new laboratory, ORCA's Center for Citizen Science.

A problem cannot be solved until it is fully understood. The reduced biodiversity, decreased quality of life, and economic threat that affect all of us along the Indian River Lagoon cannot be attributed to a single cause. ORCA has worked for the past 13 years to develop methods needed to assess and monitor the Lagoon in an effort to understand its problems. We are now ready to leverage the work we are doing by creating our citizen science program.

Our TeamORCA Citizen Science program will be run out of our new Center for Citizen Science which is a City of Vero Beach Laboratory that is being re-purposed for our program – along with other research and education projects. We will work with high school students to gather the robust on-going monitoring data needed to initiate effective conservation actions, while providing a growing number of high school students real-world science and leadership experience needed for their success in the 21st century. Donate any amount and help us equip ORCA's Center for Citizen Science to begin this transformational program.